Alfa Romeo Less Travelled Roads: Alfisti Jerry

Alfa Romeo has always been a driver’s car. While not everyone would appreciate driving an Alfa Romeo, but those who do, fall in love with one and will always have a wide grin on when driving it. Although we live in a small city, we are fortunate enough to be able to easily drive across the border to enjoy driving and experience the feeling and sounds that are unique to Alfa Romeo.

Since it’s the school holidays, we thought we’d catch up with some of our Alfisti in Singapore on their experiences of driving to the less-travelled family road trip, slightly off the beaten track across the border.


Q: Hi Jerry, thank you for taking some time off to share your Alfa Romeo experiences with us. First off, we heard you’ve owned a number of Alfa Romeo cars, what was your first and what are you currently driving?

A: The first Alfa Romeo in my family was a 33. We’ve owned a few other Alfas over the years - 156 TS, 156 JTS, GTV and currently a 159.


Q: Why this obsession with Alfa Romeo?

A: I am curious about this obsession myself. Maybe it’s the badge or I got ‘bitten by the serpent’. I have always been fascinated by its design. It is just beautiful, not just on the outside but inside and under the bonnet as well. Take a look at the Alfa V6, simply stunning. The engine sounds really great which adds to the driving experience.


Q: Would you mind sharing with us a place you’ve driven to, with your family, which you’d consider less-travelled by Singapore drivers?

A: Cyberjaya, KL– Semenyih Dam – Kuala Klawang – Singapore


Q: What inspired the trip? How was the experience?

A: Before leaving KL for Singapore, I thought to myself, perhaps I should explore some roads rather than taking the expressway back. Took a map out and looked for the nearest minor twisty roads and found Kuala Klawang. Turned out to be one of the best route I’ve driven in Malaysia. Certain parts of the route is extremely twisty and require lots of concentration.


Q: Why the decision to take the route you’ve taken? Were there any issues faced during that trip?

A: I have always enjoyed driving my Alfa Romeo on twisty roads. You get to learn more about your car's road holding on routes like these.  No issues were faced vehicle-wise, when you take good care of your car, your car will not let you down.


Q: For each road trip, what do you look forward to the most? Are there any specific preparations you do for each trip?

A: Honestly, I only look forward to the driving. Most important to me are the tires, just make sure they are in good condition.


Q: Owning so many Alfa Romeo cars, in your opinion, which is your favourite choice for a long haul road trip?

A: Alfa Romeo 159 is good for long drives. The car is of high build quality and has a very reliable engine. It is also comfortable.


Q: Are road trips for everyone? Perhaps some tips or advice for anyone who might consider driving to the location you’ve shared?

A: Yes. Alfa Romeo cars are made for such drives! Have lots of rest the night before, you need all the concentration on this route. Most importantly, always check the inner wear of your tires before going on a spirited drive. Try to look ahead, be sure there is no sand or oil patch before the bend. If unsure, just slow down, don't be too caught up with going fast all the time.


Q: Thank you, Jerry. To end off, in 3 words, how would you describe Alfa Romeo?

A: Passion. Performance. Style.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing other places which Alfisti in Singapore have driven to. Stay tuned to #AlfaRomeolesstravelledroads and perhaps you’ll discover new places which you’ve never driven to before.